The Congress will focus on the following main areas of dyscalculia diagnosis and intervention processes:

Diagnostic Challenges:
– An in-depth examination of the complexities involved in diagnosing dyscalculia.
– Analysis of the impact of cultural and linguistic factors on the diagnosis of dyscalculia.
– Presenting case studies and solutions to diagnostic challenges.

Methodological Innovations:
– Current research and innovations in dyscalculia diagnostic methods.
– Developing, validating and increasing the applicability of diagnostic tools and assessments.
– Review of effective practices that can be used in clinical and educational settings.

Practical Solutions:
– Developing intervention strategies for students struggling with dyscalculia in mainstream and special education systems.
– Technological innovations that can be used in mathematics teaching and the effective use of these technologies.
– Recommendations for the integration of support mechanisms for dyscalculia in educational policies.

Global Perspectives:
– Promoting global dialog with the participation of international experts.
– Comparative analysis of dyscalculia support mechanisms in different countries and sharing best practices.