The 2nd International Congress on Learning Difficulties in Mathematics aims to address critical issues related to the diagnosis of children struggling with dyscalculia and their support in the educational process. The Congress will serve as a platform to discuss the challenges faced in the process of dyscalculia diagnosis, examine effective methodologies and offer practical solutions to improve the educational experiences of these children.

The Congress will focus on the following main areas of dyscalculia diagnosis and intervention processes:

Diagnostic Challenges:
– An in-depth examination of the complexities involved in diagnosing dyscalculia.
– Analysis of the impact of cultural and linguistic factors on the diagnosis of dyscalculia.
– Presenting case studies and solutions to diagnostic challenges.

Methodological Innovations:
– Current research and innovations in dyscalculia diagnostic methods.
– Developing, validating and increasing the applicability of diagnostic tools and assessments.
– Review of effective practices that can be used in clinical and educational settings.

Practical Solutions:
– Developing intervention strategies for students struggling with dyscalculia in mainstream and special education systems.
– Technological innovations that can be used in mathematics teaching and the effective use of these technologies.
– Recommendations for the integration of support mechanisms for dyscalculia in educational policies.

Global Perspectives:
– Promoting global dialog with the participation of international experts.
– Comparative analysis of dyscalculia support mechanisms in different countries and sharing best practices.