Submission of the Paper

Deadline for Paper Submission: August 23, 2024

The only way to submit the papers is online via the congress’s website. Submissions via e-mails or mails will not be accepted.

The languages of the congress are Turkish and English. Participants who would like to present their papers in Turkish should send Turkish and English abstract.

Papers to be presented in the congress should be original and contribute to field. Abstracts submitted online should be grammar and spell-checked as they are going to be published in a book. Authors are responsible for all grammar and spelling mistakes.

  1. Abstract will be submitted online via abstract submission system.
  2. No titles should be used with author names.
  3. Names must be written only the first letters capitalized.
    Example: Yılmaz Mutlu
  4. Affiliation and address information must be stated.
    Example: Xxxx University, Faculty of Education, Xxxx Department, Muş/Turkey
  5. When writing the title of the abstract, only the first letters of the words must be capitalized (except for abbreviations).
    Example: Current Issues in Math Teaching
  6. If an abbreviation has to be used in the abstract, the full name should be given in parentheses in the first mention.
  7. Abstract should include the aim, method, a short summary of findings given with sufficient numeric results, and the implication of the study.
  8. Abstract should include subheadings: aim, method, findings, and conclusion.
  9. For Turkish and English abstracts;
    The abstract should be between 300 and 500 words maximum (excluding the title and names of the author(s)). Abstracts shorter or longer are not accepted by the system. The word limit has been determined to ensure a better evaluation by the referees. 
  10. Abstract should not include any references.
  11. Information about author(s), title, or key words should not be included in the abstract section. Key words should be entered into “Key Words” section separated by commas.
  12. The submitted papers should be original. Paper published or presented previously will not be accepted.
  13. Figures, tables, formulas, and pictures should not be included in abstract.