We are excited to launch a dyscalculia congress, with a format including workshops, congress and presentations from experts in this field. So the aims of this congress are to bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to share their latest findings on math learning difficulties in the context of social justice, and to discuss ways to improve the teaching and learning of math for all students. The congress will also provide a forum for networking and collaboration, and for exchanging ideas and resources.

I. Math is a critical life skill

-Math is a critical life skill that helps us solve problems and make decisions.

-Mathematics learning difficulties have a critical impact on our quality of life.

II. Math is essential for success in school

-Math is essential for success in school and in many careers.

-Students who have difficulty with math often have trouble with other subjects as well.

III. Math difficulties can be overcome

-With effort and practice, most students can overcome their difficulties in math.

-There are many resources available to help students improve their math skills.